Posted by: sbelus | 20/03/2014

Algorithmics – time to check your skills

Work, work, work…It’s been a while since my last blog post. I’ve been involved in three projects since then. Today I will present you loose subject: algorithmics.

In daily work, when business and functionality goals must meet client requirements, there is no much algorithmics in dedicated projects. Of course it depends what you are doing exactly and what you are responsible for, but you must admit when you are a software developer there is a lot of tedious work to be done. No one else will do that for us. In fact, you are the one who need to do this.
Sometimes it is good to stop and do something new, something that impress you. And here it comes (old but great) ProjectEuler.Net. You can find there hundreds of algorithmics problem to solve. You can do this for your own satisfaction or to compete with others and gain some awards.


Most of problems of Project Euler needs programming while others needs only a piece of paper and pen… and think (of course). The result is the only goal. However it does not stop you to think about the solution and do it in several ways, for instance: think about parallel algorithm and check whether it is faster or not (why not?). At the end you can compare your solution with other users. There are dedicated forums for each problem. You can find there many solutions in various languages. It’s a great fun. Try it, it doesn’t hurt 🙂


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